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Los Alamos Community Educators Network

Creating a Calendar

If you are a participant in the Los Alamos Community Educators Network and would like to have your organization included in the calendar, then there are a few steps to follow to make sure everything remains up to date and readable.


You must have a public google calendar. You will then share the id with us, and we will add it to our list. You maintain full control over the calendar. Any updates you make will be automatically reflected on the shared calendar. See a video here.

If your org does not already maintain a google calendar, but does have a calendar system that provides the ability for folks to subscribe to it, then you can make a public google calendar and subscribe to the calendar in question. See a video here.


To maintain consistency and usability across multiple shared calendars, your events should all include:

  • * Your org’s name or abbreviation in the event title
  • * Date, time, and location set in the event
  • * A brief description that includes:
    • – Link to event page if possible
    • – Age range of participants
    • – Cost or indication that there is a cost
    • – Contact info for event organizer if that is not obvious from the event page


Please maintain this calendar and promptly cancel or update events. We’d like folks using it to be able to trust it and not show up to events that have been moved or cancelled.