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Writing a Blog Post

Getting Started.

Schedule a time on the master calendar doc. The link is available upon request. Contact lasteamlab @ gmail . com for access. Blog posts should be submitted one week in advance and a preferred publish date should also be included.


Blog posts should

  • * be educational or informative content relevant to your organization
  • * be new content not already on your blog, newsletter, or published as a press release
  • * not feel “salesy”
  • * help curate a culture that keeps this page relevant to the community
  • * foster a community of collaboration when possible

If you have an event coming up that you would like to promote, then we can create room in the schedule for a relevant blog post. That post should talk about the event in a way that is distinct from other advertising surrounding the event. For instance, if the library is hosting a board game weekend, then they might blog about the socio-emotional benefits of cooperative board games and then mentioning the upcoming board game opportunities at the library and they could also mention other local organizations who host board games days or evenings.

Be sure to read through some of the current blog entries to get a feel for everything!